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Our research group supervises Bachelor and Master seminars, projects, and theses in cooperation with the AG Augmented Vision (Prof. Didier Stricker) and the members of the Center for Cognitive Science

If you are interested in getting involved in our research activities, please contact us. We are always looking for motivated and talented students.


There are currently no open positions.


If you are interested in a specific topic related to our research areas, please send an email to Gabriele Bleser.

Open topics
A distributed approach to self-calibrating inertial body motion captureMaster thesisBertram Taetz
Running theses
Sensor-to-segment assignment and pre-alignment using machine learning algorithmsMaster thesisBertram Taetz
Investigation of the effect of sensor-to-segment calibration errors on muscle activation estimationMaster thesisBertram Taetz
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Multiplayer Exergame for Older Adults in Rehabilitation Using WearablesMaster thesisDaniel Steffen
Finished theses
Development and evaluation of a history overview for diary entries within the stress management applicationBachelor thesisGabriele Bleser
Stress App Analysis in Regards to Gamification, Behavior Change Techniques, and Stress Management TechniquesMaster thesisCorinna Christmann
Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Android Application Utilizing Wearables to Support Exercise Execution at the Campusletics TrialMaster thesisDaniel Steffen

Summer semester 2016

We will offer the following courses: Project / seminar "Simulation, capturing and analysis of human motion".

Winter semester 2015/16

We offer the following courses: Project / seminar "Simulation, capturing and analysis of human motion"

Summer semester 2015

We offer the following courses: