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Seminar and project organisation

Educational objectives


Ability to

  • become acquainted with a specific topic from the respective field
  • review scientific literature
  • prepare and give a comprehensive presentation of a specific topic supported by media
  • discuss a scientific topic


Ability to

  • investigate, design, implement, and evaluate algorithms and methods in the respective area
  • review, analyze and benchmark algorithms and procedures
  • apply an object oriented programming language (e.g. Python or C++)
  • become acquainted with and apply existing software libraries
  • apply development, source code management and testing tools

Requirements for certificate

  • Intermediate presentation/demonstration of state and initial results and discussion round (10 minutes + 5 minutes questions)
  • Final presentation and discussion round (20 minutes + 5 minutes questions)
  • Attendance of and contribution to all meetings
  • Seminar: report (survey paper) (4-8 pages) introducing the topic, describing the studied approach and discussing it (e.g. what are advantages/disadvantages, what are the requirements, under which conditions are good/bad results to be expected, what could be extensions/improvements, etc.).
  • Project: report describing the project (2-6 pages) and documented source code and data. The paper should be a scientific paper (no source code description), i.e. introduce the problem, your requirements, describe the approach, evaluate it.
  • All materials (presentation, report, documented source code, data,...) should be submitted latest at the day of the final presentation (unless otherwise agreed upon with the individual supervisor), either via a USB stick, email, or by providing a download link.
  • For presentations, please use the provided Powerpoint template.
  • For the report, use the seminar template provided by the university.
  • Evaluation criteria


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