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Winter semester 2017/18

We offer the Master level lecture Human motion modeling and capturing (KIS entry).

Fridays, 11:45 - 13:15, room 48-379


  • The question lecture will be at March 2, 2018, 11:45-13:15, room 48-379
  • The content of the last lecture will not be part of the exam
  • Please download the latest versions of the slides. Some slides were updated.
  • Questions for lectures 9 to 11 available
  • There will be a lab session on Gaussian process regression and classification (implementation in Python) on February 9, 10-11:30 am, room 48-231.
  • Note, the slot on January 26, 10-11:30 am was used to repeat the session for exercise 3, which most of you had missed
  • The exam period will be from March 12, 2018 to March 23, 2018 (time slots between 9-12 am, 2-4 pm). First make an appointment (email to Gabriele Bleser), then register at the examination office (examination number 67354).
  • Unfortunately, the lecture on January 12 has to be canceled! The exercise will take place! The next regular lecture will be on January 19. The current plan is to make up the missed appointment on January 26, 10-11:30, room 48-231 (additionally to the regular lecture slot). This will be discussed in the next session.



In this lecture you learn how to deduce biomechanically interpretable movement data from sensor measurements (in particular body-worn inertial measurement units). The focus of the lecture will be on models and methods from sensor fusion (recursive and optimization based), system identification and machine learning. The needed basics in human anatomy will also be provided. In hands-on sessions you will get the opportunity to apply the learnt methods to real captured data captured in our motion lab.

The lecture addresses master level students of computer science and applied mathematics.

Summer semester 2017

We offer a project on human body motion capture in the modeling seminar (AG Technomathematics).

Summer semester 2016

We offer the following courses: Project / seminar "Simulation, capturing and analysis of human motion".

Winter semester 2015/16

We offer the following courses: Project / seminar "Simulation, capturing and analysis of human motion"

Summer semester 2015

We offer the following courses: